Category: Writing the solution

Calgary copywriter

Calgary freelance writer Jane Chamberlin crafts copy that suits the medium – whether it’s web, print or video. She works with designers to balance words and visuals.

And it’s good to be versatile.

Because you never know where you’ll need a word or two.

On a bus.
A video.
A website.
A fact sheet.

Words can happen anywhere. They just need the right voice.

Technology writer

Being a technology writer involves translating complex information into accessible copy. Jane has extensive experience writing for technology companies, from established leaders to innovative start-ups.


Advertising copywriter

This is where both sides of the brain connect – meeting the brief in a creative way.

Jane has worked on in-house creative teams as advertising copywriter and team lead, developing copy that speaks clearly to the right audience. Working closely with designers and web developers, she’s created innovative concepts for global campaigns. Within those campaigns, she’s written video scripts, web copy, brochures, articles and pretty well everything in between.