Strategic planning, writing and project management


Strategic planning

Building a coherent strategy is crucial to the ongoing success of your organization. Jane can help you define and articulate goals that address key challenges and opportunities, and then formulate strategies that lead to measurable success. She believes in the power of research, and is adept at analyzing your organization’s internal and external contexts. 

Communications plans

Jane is adept at building communications plans that are at once insightful and innovative. Once she’s researched your organization’s context, she will design intelligent strategies and creative tactics – all of which support larger organizational goals. 

Feature articles

Jane excels at writing clear, evocative narratives that resonate with target audiences. Jane has a PhD in literature and creative writing and she is an expert in building stories that persuade, inform and intrigue. She loves to translate complex information into engaging stories.


Jane has years of experience creating  clear, compelling websites. Your copy will help readers understand your company and your brand.


Whether you need a direct mail piece or a print ad, Jane can help you craft the right message for your audience. She can work collaboratively with designers to marry text and visuals, resulting in collateral that grabs readers’ attention and convinces them to take action.


Crafting a video means letting the visuals tell the story. A script should punctuate and clarify without overshadowing the images, and Jane knows how to find that balance. She is experienced at leading video projects, and can write scripts, act as creative lead, and orchestrate larger video projects.

Project management

Thanks to her varied experience in marketing communications and management, Jane knows how to run successful projects. Acting as both creative lead and project manager, she can coordinate complex tasks and ensure work is completed on time and on budget. 

Services include:

  • strategic planning
  • communications plans
  • marketing communications writing
  • copywriting for print and web advertising
  • video scripts
  • web writing
  • magazine and newsletter articles
  • project management
  • corporate storytelling